When solar energy meets the blockchain


    For a better use of your renewable energy


    Produce solar energy somewhere
    Use it anywhere


    Sunchain's purpose is the off-site self-consumption of solar energy.

    Our solution offers the opportunity to use solar energy away from the production point, thanks to blockchain technologies.


    In the context of self-consumption, the excess power generated by the solar plant is directed to another point of consumption through the distribution network.



    In this way, it is our ambition to encourage people and organizations to a smarter use of their own clean energy.

  • Our projects



    Off-site self-consumption

    Generate power at home and charge your vehicle at work.


    Sunchain’s vision relies on the use of one’s own solar energy away from the production site. The implementation of this solution in a charging station - public or private - enables the direct use of your very own power to charge your car.

    Collective self-consumption

    Rooftop solar power can be shared by the building occupants.


    In an apartment or office building, Sunchain allows the possibility of solar self-consumption. By measuring the real-time production and consumptions, solar power is injected on the building electrical network and allocated to the different users.

    Power exchange between buildings

    A collective self-consumption on two or more different sites.


    In the process of self-consumption, instead of selling the excess energy through the grid, it can be supplied to another building. For an eco-district, this results in a collective self-consumption from one or several solar plants.

  • The core of our solution: the blockchain


    Sunchain’s activities rely on this recent technology called the blockchain.

    In order to exchange kilowatt-hours on the grid, it is required to instantaneously and undoubtedly measure the injected power at the production point and the extracted power at consumption points.

    This implies a significant amount of measures and data, which needs to be validated and secured.




    That’s why Sunchain is designing its own private block­chain, a distributed database that stores the tranfers history in each node that composes the network. After a com­puted vali­dation process, the measures are certified, encrypted and secured in the blockchain.



    In short, the blockchain implements several vir­tual networks on the physical electricity network.

  • The team

    Created in 2016, Sunchain is a spin-off company from Tecsol, a France-based solar engineering firm and one of the most experienced actors of the solar field in Europe. Sunchain combines Tecsol 35 years’ experience with startup flexibility to work with the most recent Blockchain’s technologies.

  • Contact



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    2 rue de la Tramontane

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    Sunchain is supported by “Green Tech Verte”, a French Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea’s program